Project Details
Uniqua Tower, Vienna

20 floors high the supportive heart of the building is based on an oval shape.

Located at the Donaukanal in Vienna the UNIQUA headquarter presents itself with an oval-shaped core bearing the load of the 20 floors high building – not only an eye-catcher for passers-by, but also an interesting challenge for the interior design. All furniture, closets and wall panels follow the elliptic form of the building.

  • bent wall panels following the architectural floor-plan
  • paneled core of the building – 20 floors
  • integrated storage space solutions with bent fronts
  • surface with corrugated iron structure (real metal)
Wandverkleidung Referenz | Aussenansicht Uniqa Tower
Copyright Photo: Gerald Zugmann
Wandverkleidung Referenz | Büro Uniqa Tower
Copyright Photo: Gerald Zugmann